Listen carefully

We all have a voice, yet before we start to speak we need to find our reason to be heard.

I remember when my children were toddlers everything was spoken at a level two decibels higher than it needed to be. I imagine these little ones looking up at adults feeling tiny and inadequate and deciding shouting was a way to be heard. Their voice trying to counteract their size. Yet the truth was as their mother I was waiting to listen to hear what they had to say.

Unlike parents the rest of the world isn’t waiting to hear or read what we have to say. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling small and inadequate and the desire to shout and scream comes upon us.

I know there have been times when I’ve wanted to just shout at the top of my voice “are you listening to me”.

Bring heard is important but being listened to is so much more. I want to be understood, accepted and respected. Screaming at people won’t bring me these things.

I have to listen too there is nothing more giving than listening to someone. Spending time hearing their hearts. Why do you think people spend so much money on psychiatry the actual unburdening of your soul is in itself therapy.

So I’m listening, I’m slowing down and giving the gift of my time, patience and understanding. I want to be able to say to the people I love ” yes I heard you.”

Take some time to listen to your loved ones today x

3 thoughts on “Listen carefully

  1. Pat Yirrell

    It is amazing actually how many people don’t really listen to others, they are so full of what they have to say. I’ve come across this so often that it makes me aware that I should listen more carefully to others. Getting older doesn’t help as hearing deteriorates, but I hope that when I say ‘i am listening,’ that I really am!


  2. People in general don’t have the slightest intention of bearing responsibility for our pain, so most of the time they do not hear what we’re saying, or at least pretend they don’t, and when they do, they don’t really understand what they were told, for when you show you’re interested, there’s always some kind of expectation towards what you have to say about it.
    It’s a burden no one wants to carry.
    People are people… but there’s always someone willing to gift us with love and understanding, for me, these people seem to come from out of nowhere, one of these days I told a stranger why I had a tough day at work when I was on my way home.
    I’d say angels in disguise… they’re always there, they’re just kind of… rare! 😛


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