Standing up for our children.

Sometimes I think I live on another planet as I never seem to know what’s going on in the world around me. So the first I had heard of the disgusting words of so-called comedian Frankie Boyle was when I caught an advert for Katie Price’s Standing up for Harvey documentary.

My heart broke for Katie. As a mom of a child with severe disabilities I’ve encountered some horrid comments some through ignorance and some just plain nasty. After hearing what Frankie Boyle said about Harvey I actually felt physically sick.

Joke –  noun

a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline:

I didn’t find anything amusing or funny in the horrid remarks made by this so-called comedian.

I actually see Frankie Boyle as a man who is pathetic to find humour and amusement in a child who for one can’t fight back and two has enough to contend with.

I refuse to print the comments made by Mr Boyle here on my blog. I feel they deserve no more exposure but I do stand by Katie’s desire for an apology and support her 100%.  I also believe that Channel 4 have a responsibly here too. The fact that Frankie Boyle
made those remarks Is disgusting enough the disbelief is that Channel 4 found
it acceptable to air such evil is beyond me.

Raising a child with a disability is far from easy and one of the main barriers we have to overcome is the ignorance of others. They don’t see our children as we do. They are second class, not as worthy as others yet the truth is far from it. A disability is what my child has not who there are.  The fact that they disabled is not what defines them. It’s their heart their spirit their courage, this is what people should see.

When Livvy died I was told by someone “oh well It’s not like she was one of your normal children”. My heart broke with that comment, firstly who is normal and secondly and most important my daughter was loved just as much as my others. Her disability did not make her loss any easier to bear. Her life was worth the same as anyones.

After watching the documentary ‘Standing up for Harvey”. I was struck by two emotions. Firstly pride in Katie Price it takes courage to stand up to bullies especially in her position as there are plenty of people who wish to bring her down.

My second emotion is anger, that Frankie Boyle has never apologised and that channel 4 a station which will be televising and promoting equality with the Paralympics games too haven’t come forward and admitted they were wrong.

I believe in the freedom of speech but to accuse a child of a sexual assault is to me is an abuse of this liberty.

If you wish to read more about Katie’s documentary please
visit here

As for me I feel sorry for Frankie Boyle he obviously has never known the blessing of having a disabled child in your life. It’s not a life we may have chosen but it’s a life that changes you. For me I would do it again in a heartbeat.

It’s not what I have, it’s who I am that defines me.

3 thoughts on “Standing up for our children.

  1. Frankie Boyle is a descpicable excuse for a man! His “comedy” is downright wrong in many areas and I’m glad he was sacked from the BBC, sadly Channel 4 seem to have no morals and have no issue with his jokes which is completely wrong and I was amazed when I read this week that an apology still had not been issued! I couldn’t watch the documentary as I don’t have that channel but I have always admired Katie Price for her personal strength and how she handles herself, as much as people don’t like to believe it she does love those kids like anything and will do anything for them.


  2. Hi, just found your blog via netmums and thought I’d drop in and say hello. I was also appalled at Boyle and even more disgusted that channel 4 couldn’t see that the hurt and damage caused by such ignorant comments. Whilst I agree with the freedom of speech I don’t believe it gives a right to freely insult others particularly when they are unable to defend themselves. I admire Katie Price not because she is a glossy celebrity because she is a woman who is strong enough to stand up for her child and all children like him.


  3. I only heard about it and didn’t watch it. I despise the man and rarely watch channel 4 anyway. Ms Price is in the same boat as everyone else with a disabled child; she is a carer and deserves to be treated with respect. That said, I’m not a fan. But no one ever, anywhere, in whatever circumstances, should ever be subjected to disgusting and degrading remarks about their disability.

    CJ xx


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