Writing workshop – Wedding ring

I look down lovingly at the finger on my left hand the ring sits there scratched and dull yet to me it sparkles like the stars in the night sky.

My wedding ring is the light in a darkness that I believed would forever engulf me.

The nights of endless loneliness. Never feeling like I belong. The square peg in a place that only has round holes. A world full of people yet so empty.

Then he saved me. A stranger yet not.  My heart knew before my head that we were meant to be. I had sworn off relationships the fear of pain the rawness of betrayal still clung to my soul yet like a butterfly escaping its cocoon I embraced the wind and began to fly.

Like a warm bath he washed those fears away. Promises made and kept. Temper fastened in tight even when I raged throughout the night. Patience beyond sainthood.

I never understood what this quiet reserved young man saw in a loud broken women. I’m just grateful that he could see.

For the last fifteen years I have worn this ring with pride. It is more than a commitment. It was a strength. The promise of forever became the balm my soul needed to heal. Each year together fixing the cracks in my heart. My spirit rising like a flower to bloom.

The scratches  on this ring could be symbolic for the heartaches life has thrown at us. Together we have faced the reality of our worst nightmares. Each mark each nick holds a story. Children being born tears of joy shared. The loss of a child tears that tore at our very soul.

But like the scratches the wounds have changed who we are but not what we are.  The outside is a little ragged like our hearts but the core is as strong as when we said I do.

It doesn’t look anything special. Each jewellery shop holds one brighter, prettier, more expensive. But to me it’s priceless. A symbol of truth, trust, forgiveness and a promise of forever.

To some it make look like just a ring but for me it is the symbol of love from the man who saved me.

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