Words of truth

Have you ever played back a video recording of yourself and been shocked at the sound of your voice.

That can’t be me you say. It your mind you sound so different.

How is it that whats in our mind isn’t always what comes out of our mouths.

Sometimes in my mind I’m a confident women who knows exactly what I want to say. Then the words tumble out like some crazy nervous ramblings.

That’s why I love the art of writing. The chaotic thoughts of my mind becomes words on the page. They can be corrected, erased, altered to the place where I want them to be. My words are my voice.

I was watching a film the other day where the actor was playing the part of a lady who had lost her voice. She was communicating using her notepad. Writing the things she needed to say. No space for general chit chat or small talk using the pad for words she needed to be spoken.

I need that notebook at times. I need to be reminded to say what really matters.

Our voice is a gift that we take for granted.

Yet which is my voice,my true one ? The one people hear or the one inside my head.

I need to focus on finding my voice. Making sure that my words are true to the person I am the person I wish to be.

I learned this weekend that words have power. I want to make sure my words are for a reason for good. My voice to be used for the voiceless.


Let my words be truth.

3 thoughts on “Words of truth

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! Hearing a recording of myself makes my skin crawl at times, but whenever I write, words seem to just come to me, and its like I don’t have to give any (or much) thought to it. I love writing and blogging. I wish you the best of luck finding your voice!


  2. I can really relate to this – what a great post! In person, I can barely articulate a sentence but give me pen and paper (or a laptop) and suddenly the jumble of thoughts take form! Thank you for sharing this x


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