Thank you Lego Duplo

After being at Cybermummy over the weekend I’ve been working on getting my 10-year-old to forgive me for what she called my deserting of her. I was finally back in her good
books this morning thanks to the great people at Lego Duplo.

On Saturday I entered a draw that was being run by the kind people at Lego Duplo and was lucky enough to win a runner-up prize. Well today the postman delivered that
said prize.

 Yes I am forgiven, thank you Lego Duplo.

I have to say this gift has kept my daughter and foster child happily occupied for over
an hour. We have had houses built, schools and even a boat. I love the way Lego
Duplo allows my children’s imagination to flourish.

Brodie says “Thank you Lego duplo for my prize, I love playing with it. They are so fun and I can take them anywhere and also add them to my other sets.”




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