So I’m home from Cybermummy

So how do I feel after my crazy weekend at Cybermummy. Firstly exhausted it has been a busy few days, travelling to London was an experience and the conference itself was
a long and intensive day.

Was it worth it? Totally, I got to meet some amazing people who I hope I can say have now become friends.

From a blogging point of view I still have a lot to digest. My mind is full of ideas
and plans but I really need to work out where I want this blog to go and how I
want it to mature and grow.

The workshops were informative and meeting the brands was helpful though as a blogger with a ten-year old and two teenagers I was feeling a little left out in the midst of
all the baby stuff.

I have already been discussing changing the format of my blog but I need to make sure
that who I am and what I believe is still at the heart of my writing.

So watch this space…………


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