Cybermummy 2011

I should be so excited but to be honest I feel sick. Cybermummy 2011 is only two days away and yes I have my ticket ready but my heart is beating so fast I feel it may explode before I even make the train.

Can you tell I’m nervous? I feel like a fraud going to be honest. There are all these great bloggers out there and then there is me. I write whatever is in my head. This blog is my own personal therapy.

I am wondering what it will be like? Are the people from the blogs I read going to be how I imagined? I feel like I know these people yet the truth is I don’t. That is freaking me out a little, strangers but not.

The workshops look great, there will be brands there too. Not sure I will have the confidence to approach any but hey ho. Maybe I will slip my card into a pile and just hope for the best. Marketing myself has never been my strong point. I get lost around the point people start mentioning statistics.
Or what’s your blog about? My answer is simply “whatever is in my head today”.

It’s going to be an experience that’s for sure. I also get to escape child free for two days and spend some time with my best friend.

So yes I am looking forward to it in a nervous sick to my stomach way. It will be a personal challenge for me, writing is easy, talking is another thing all together.

So if you are going to be there this weekend I’m looking forward to meeting you. One more thing, there is coffee right ???


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