No thinking

Bubble shooter has at times saved my sanity.

Let me explain at times my mind becomes so overwhelmed with thoughts, plans and ideas that I feel it’s actually going to explode.

Music can sometimes help, reading too but there are moments when even these saviours cannot block out the chaos. How many times have you lost your place in a song, found yourself re reading the same line in a book.

Bubble shooter for me is a no brainer. I line up three balls and pow they disappear. It doesn’t require me to think but it does require me to concentrate otherwise of course I will end up having two many balls for the game to go on.

This simple but addictive game is very much a gift to me. It gives me time out of my mind. It gives me time for the anxiety to fade away. No it doesn’t take away or change the issues I face but it does give me a change to breathe.

So what’s the bubble shooter in your life?

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