Virtual Air Kisses

One of my daughters views the world in a very black and white way. She is incredibly honest and very logical. This at times can be hard work but always refreshing.

Well we were chatting the other day and she asked me the question. “why do people lie to suck up to others”. As this was a completely out of the blue I asked her to explain what she meant. “like when a girl tells the teacher her hair looks pretty”. Maybe she is just being nice I said. “but mom the teacher must know that she was having a bad hair day so knew it was false”. Right ok but she then went on to add. “So the next time the girl says something nice to the teacher she won’t believe it. Which would be a shame for example if she has had a new hair style and it did look nice”.

This really struck a chord with me. How many times have we said something just to please or fill a pause in conversation which we haven’t really meant. The truth is my daughter is right because we do this it means when we do speak in truth and in a heartfelt manner it may not be believed, accepted, trusted.

My daughter after brooding for a while went on to ask about Facebook and everyones (slight exaggeration) use of of the term BFF. It’s seems she finds it funny when people write on her wall about being best friends how much they adore her. Yet when at school they barely acknowledge her.

Society is changing and the use of social networking is increasing and to be perfectly honest i love it. The Internet has given me opportunities to conquer my shyness and speak my mind. Yet I do wonder if we are getting lost from the truth of our statements. Do we comment on a friends photo just for the sake of doing so. Agree with a status just because. Giving out false flattery when truth really should require us to stay quiet.

There is so much talk going on about people being cruel on the Internet saying things to others which they wouldn’t dare to say to their faces. Yet the truth is far wider. We have become false. The world is being filled with virtual air kisses.

My daughter speaks the truth by doing this we are actually taking away the joy of a job well done truthful comment. Or an honest I like that dress compliment.

I know she has made me think. I will be more accountable in my replies, tweets, comments. I want to give credit where due and for a reason not just because. I also want to receive it in truth too.

I also hope my daughter never loses the innocence and honestness of her mind.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Air Kisses

  1. I really enjoyed reading how your daughter challenged you to think differently. I think blogging and social media have changed a lot in the last couple of years – while I used to enjoy the real connections I made with others through my blog, I now often find myself annoyed by people who stop by simply to ask them to “like” or “follow” them. I tend to only leave comments on blogs when I have something to say that I feel is real and relevant these days.


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