The important things.

Being a mom is in my eyes the greatest gift I could ever ask for. Yet at times I know I forget this. I get caught up in the squabbling the laundry the homework that I forget to just enjoy my children.

I had a great reminder of this today. Eden was manicuring my nails, bless her when it comes to make-up, nails and hair she is trying so hard to educate her disastrous ill styled mother. Anyway we are sitting there waiting for the nails to dry when I realise that for the last twenty minutes my daughter hadn’t shut up. I don’t mean this in a wish I had a gag moment. I mean this in a wow she has so much to share. So much to tell me.

At times I find it easier to let my teenagers get away with hiding in their rooms. The typical teen motto is used widely. But today I realised that this isn’t always the case.

As Eden told me about school,her friends her face was alight. Her smile was contagious. I smiled at what she had been up, laughed at her sheer nerve. It seems today in drama the roles given out included one part for a girl. The damsel in distress role didn’t appeal to my daughter so she convinced one of the boys to play the role. Let’s just say sides were splitting in the drama block today.

I have some amazing kids, I confess I am completely bias. I also know the pain of losing one yet like many other parents I have found that sometimes I am selfish with my time. That extra ten minutes with my book, five more minutes with twitter. These are things that won’t grow up and leave home in the next few years. Things that don’t need me to set the example of how to be a grown up, these things don’t matter. My children do.

Today I had a reminder of the truly important things in my life.


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