Where has my little girl gone? – Tanith Carey- Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked to review a book written by parenting author and journalist Tanith Carey. The title of the book was “Where has my little girl gone?

As a parent of four girls you can imagine this is a subject which is close to my heart and also something which I have questioned and written about previously.

The subject of the exploitation of our children is one that I am very concerned about. Many times you will find me screaming out for society to allow our children to be children. Tanith Carey tackles this subject in an emotive and passionate manner. After reading through the book I can honestly say that this should be given to all parents of girls everywhere. For me it was an eye opener. It not only gave me information it also gave me advice and reassurance that I am not alone in my desire that my girls should be
allowed to be girls not to be made into young women before their time.

Carrie Grant, TV presenter says of the book

“Tanith Carey swims against the tide in this brilliant ‘how to’ book. She is not a lone voice, its time we as parents stood up to the esteem robbing barrage our daughters face. As a parent of three daughters I encourage all mums and dads to read this book”

Wise words indeed Carrie.

For me this book was a revelation one of my favourite bits was a part which stated this:-

“Of course it would be wonderful if we could make the world perfect for our daughters. But despite our best efforts it’s never going to be- and we need to prepare them for the undeniable truth.”

How true is this statement, while the media and the consumer industry to have a lot to be answerable for the reality as parents the responsibility of our children’s wellbeing actually starts with us.

We need to teach our children that the world isn’t always a perfect place; we need to enable them to understand and learn how to protect themselves. We need to build up their self-esteem to the point where our girls don’t need magazines or television shows telling them who they are supposed to be. To quote Tanith again

“So tell your child there are lots and lots of ways to be clever, and recognize the unique combination of strengths she has – including those that aren’t necessarily expressed in classwork”.

Tanith Carey’s book goes into detail of how society is affecting and changing our children’s opinions of themselves. How they are being exposed to material that is far from acceptable. Yet while she tells us the truth she doesn’t leave us hanging. She gives us practical ways we can stop this. Ways to encourage and promote our daughter’s self esteem but also ways that we can fight back against this unacceptable turn of today’s society.

I would actually say that this is a book for parents in general as some of the issues do affect boys as well as girls. For me this book is a call to arms to change the way our daughters are being sexualized and corrupted in today’s society. It is up to us as parents to pull together and say this is not acceptable. It is also a great reminder that as parents we are
the first step in the chain of our daughter’s future.

Thank you Tanith for not backing away from a subject which
is so important.


*I received a free copy of this book for review purposes.

3 thoughts on “Where has my little girl gone? – Tanith Carey- Review

  1. Pat Yirrell

    Stick to your guns,Sara, It is hard, The constant’ everyone else’s Mum lets them,’ the ‘You’re not fashionable’..It isn’t easy frorteenagers today especially those from Christian homes. In the long run they will thank you for it. All children, and young teenagers need boundaries, sadly some parents today don’t give theirs any boundaries, which in itself is a form of abuse.
    When they got the gcse and A level results I always planned a special family meal, so that they had a reason for not heading off with their friends to ‘celebrate’. if you guide them aright they will gain the confidence to make the right choices later. Above all Pray!


  2. Lisa Newland

    I was looking for another book but found this one instead. Oh how my heart rejoiced reading it. Just knowing that there are authors out there who will stand up and tell us exactly how it is without sugar coating is fantastic. Yes, this book is confronting, it has to be, because it is us as parents who first set our daughters on their journey.


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