If I was to sit back at look at the first part of 2011 what would I think has been the main changes in my life.

Firstly we are fostering again, this is bringing both joy and exhaustion into my life into my heart.

Secondly church has changed, not my love of God but the actual place we go to worship. Yes I do miss some of the old guys but the new have welcomed me with open arms and the joy and happiness I see in my girls faces confirm that we are in the right place. The fellowship I’ve received, well words cannot describe.

This leads me to my third thing friends. If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I have struggles with friendship. Trust issues, self worth issues they have all combined and left me with a general belief that maybe I’m not friendship material.

Well I was wrong through different areas in my life I have met some amazing people who I am blessed to call friends.

Only this week I have spend time visiting with one incredible lady and her lovely family. Also last night I chatted away the evening with a great bunch of ladies who I met on the alpha course. Alpha finishes next week I’m sure our friendship won’t. Add these to my blogging buddies who have become dear friends and my newly adopted mother (not really but my heart feels this way). I have been truly blessed.

I remember on new years eve sitting there praying. “If I could ask for anything this year Lord for me and my family it would be the courage to pursue and make friendships.”

My prayer was answered for both myself and my girls.

I am so thankful for friendship and my life is so much fuller for it. Now I just pray for the courage to trust in them and to trust in myself.

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