We cannot allow this to happen!

There are not many things in this world that get me really  upset and embarrassed with our government but this is one of them. It has broken my heart that so called pencil pushers are putting a young child’s life at risk.

Let me explain.

This is Rania

She is a beautiful five-year old girl who is severely disabled due to quadriplegic cerebral palsy with complications including epilepsy and if fighting a life threatening condition isn’t enough Rania also now faces deportation to Algeria, a country in which still views epilepsy as possession.

Rania came to the UK in 2008 on a six month visa, to live with her aunt and uncle to help give her mother a break and to help her condition. As it emerged just how ill she was her stay got extended. She has made huge improvement and is now even a pupil at a mainstream school.

Her aunt and uncle wish to adopt her and raise her. Her aunt states, “I have breathed life into her and resuscitated her when she collapsed in the living room”. “She is part of the family .”

Her family doctor Robert Walker said “The improvements she has made here have been remarkable and it would be detrimental to send her back”.

Yet despite all this amazing improvements the Home Office are saying she must return home after an application for her to remain in this country was turned down.

The Human Rights act states

Protection of Foreign

A foreign national cannot be deported if they are liable to face death or torture in their home country (or whichever country it is proposed they should be deported to). This rule is absolute*2 and may even be invoked if the health care in the relevant country
is deemed to be inadequate, or if there is no direct threat but the country is

This rule is used often with prisoner extending their stays, yet here we have an innocent child being sentenced to death as there is no way she will receive the treatment in Algeria that she needs to save her life.

Rania’s family have started a campaign to appeal the Home Office decision and raise awareness of Rania’s plight.

Please join me in helping them:-

They have a Facebook group, which gives you updates and ways
to support Rania’s family.


Please sign and share this petition


Please tweet the petition and information including the
hashtag #RaniaMustStay

Please so many times we read of the power of the people, the right to have our voices heard. Please join us as we get Rania heard.

For more information please read http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/9032978.Deporting_little_girl_will_kill_her__family_say/?ref=mm

Or watch Granada news reports http://www.itv.com/granada/girls-deportation-worry61844

*Please note all views on this blog are my own and not the views of the family.

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