What’s on your bookshelf??

I’m sure I have mentioned I’m an avid reader. If not I apologise as the truth is I love books. I devour them daily with a passion. My husband refers to my bedroom as a fire hazard my sister called it her library.

Library or Fire Hazard

I love the written word in all forms, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, autobiography, reference and so much more.

I get excited when a recommendation comes my way, or I read a review that catches my eye.

I’m slowly getting used to the concept of the kindle and other E readers but the truth be told my bedside table will always be full of books.

At the moment I have two I’m reading,

Madeleine by Kate McCann

The Stone cutter by Camilla Lackburg

I also have waiting for me Kerry Katonas book along of
course with my range of daily devotionals and of course my bible.

So I throw the question open wants on your bedside table. What books are you reading? Planning to read?

Share them with me and maybe I will be inspired to try a few.

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