Find Madeleine

After reading the news coverage of Kate McCann book my mind has been on overdrive

As a parent who has lost a child I can relate to the pain and anguish she is going through.

Yet in a way I am lucky!

I know without a doubt that Livvy is in a better place free from harm free from pain. Yet Kate and her family do not have this comfort.

I cannot imagine the horrors of her mind. As a mother I cannot and don’t want to comprehend the fear she must feel.

Little Madeleine McCann was taken as she slept from a hotel room in Portugal four years ago and after endless media campaigns, private detectives we still are no further forward into knowing what happened that fateful night.

So many opinions, so many accusations but only the kidnapper knows the truth.

Kate McCann’s book is a book of hope. Hope that it will prick a memory in someone’s mind. That it will bring publicity to Madeleine’s disappearance again. It is also in Kate’s honest opinion a way to raise money for the fund which has continued the search for Madeleine when the authorities stopped.

I know many have different views on Kate and Gary McCann.
Maybe you would have done things differently? I’m sure now they too would, but hindsight is an amazing thing. For me I believe they wouldn’t have left their children in a place they didn’t believe was safe. I mean who would?

My heart bleeds for this family and Madeleine along with all missing children are in my prayers.

Kate McCann’s book is available on May 12th, in all good book shops,internet sites  and supermarkets.

More information on how to help the Madeleine McCann fund can be found on their website here.

Please pray for this family and for all others missing their
loved ones.

  • More information on missing children can be found

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