Book Review – The Shelter of God’s Promises- Sheila Walsh


I have to say I look Book sneeze it lets me read books for
the nothing. Just to give a review of them, well that’s fine by me.

The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh came out to me
a few months ago and to be honest it has taken me a while to read through it.
This is not because it’s boring or dull far from it. The reason is simply that
it has made me think. I have found myself reading the pages over and over again
as it impacts me deeply, Sheila hitting my heart with her words.

Sheila Walsh writes “In these uncertain times, I know 100
percent that I can stake my life on the unshakeable, unchanging promises of God”.

This book is offers Shelia’s heart as she shows us through
scripture and her own story what God has promised us, his unrelenting commitment
towards us.

I have found this book to be powerful in my life, a time
when things are getting me down and I feel myself calling to God, where are

“This is one of the greatest ironies of our faith; at the moment when we
realise we have nothing to give Christ and we fall flat on our faces, we bring
the gift he has been asking for all along.”


We come to God with nothing and he gives us everything.

I think this is a book that I will be turning back to, one
that can fill me with hope, encouragement as it reminds me of God’s love.

I find Sheila Walsh to be an incredible writer a gifted
woman who shares her passion for God in a wonderful way. This book is another part
of her personal testimony.

I would recommend this book easily whenever and whenever, if
you are feeling low, need strength or just want to remind yourself of God’s
eternal love.

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