Make A Difference

Losing Livvy nearly destroyed me. Yet deep in my heart I know I lost her to something I couldn’t fight. Something I couldn’t change.

Imagine losing a child to something that we take for granted. Food, Water,Shelter.

Millions of children die ever day due to not having access to clean water and food.

Children who have survived natural disasters find themselves homeless, starving and in great need.

Children living in the mist of wars. Suffering through no fault of their own.

Each day as I look at my girls I know how blessed we are to be born in a country where we have free healthcare, a welfare system. A country where no matter what there is hope.

I want to share this hope. That is why I admire and support Compassion UK.

Compassion’s mission is to advocate for children to release them from their physical, spiritual and economic poverty and to enable them to become responsible  and fulfilled  Christian adults.

Compassion support starts even before a child Is born. Their  child survival programme trains expectant mothers in prenatal care.
Each year 10 million children die from preventable causes before their have reached their fifth birthday. Can you comprehend this? 10 million children whose deaths were preventable. That is about 21,000 children losing their lives each day. These numbers are not acceptable!
Compassion works by supporting and feeding malnourished children by teaching their mothers how to care for them.
Their goal is that children shouldn’t just survive but thrive.

Isn’t that what we all wish for our children?

At the heart if the Compassion ministry you find the compassion sponsorship programme. This is something I admire whole heartily. It’s a way for us to lift a child out of poverty and help them realise their goals,their dreams.

Through a faithful monthly donation you get to support and sponsor a child providing them with their physical, social, emotional, economic and  spiritual needs. Besides food, they get education, support and the chance to hear and respond to the gospel. How awesome is that!

The great thing about the sponsorship programme is the unique one to one way it works. You and your sponsored child get to communicate to each other by writing letters, being part of each others lives. I’m sure you would get as much from this as the children. You get to support them as they grow. Watch what they achieve and of course you get to pray for them. Some sponsors have also taken the opportunity to go visit their child.

I admire the work compassion does for children around the world. Children of different faiths are supported by Christian love.

The work Compassion does supports children throughout each stage in their life. They work in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. Educating and removing barriers that prevent a Childs development. Tackling issues such as clean drinking water, Malaria, AIDS, and so much more.

Have I mentioned how much I admire this organisation!

As I end this post. I want to ask you to take a moment that may change a child’s life forever.

Please consider sponsoring a child and help Compassion UK share God’s love.

 “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”
(Mark 9:37, NIV)

Together we can make a difference one child at a time.

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