Let us dream of weddings.

Today Prince William
marries Kate Middleton I wish them a future full of love and happiness. 
My mind though is filled  with thoughts of the wedding I will never see. The truth be told I grieved for Livvy’s lost wedding way before she died. It started when she was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. This debilitating illness took so many of  our dreams in one chromosome swoop. That was 9 years ago but since then there is hope. Not all dreams need to end with the words “your daughter has Rett Syndrome”. 

There has been some amazing results in the research into this terrible condition. Dramatic results beyond our wildness dreams further than we ever dared hope. Not just talk of treatment but talk of a cure.

Yet like the wedding today the cost of this research is extremely experience.

So today as you send wedding wishes to our future king please consider supporting Rett Syndrome Research trust so that maybe more princess will get to see their wedding day.

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