Believe in yourself.

Didn’t get the email, not invited into the group, is the laughter about me?

I struggle daily with issues like this and the fault lies with nobody but myself.

My lack of confidence breeds paranoia.

How can I reach a point where what others think is not so important to me. Of course people aren’t going to like me but I’m sure that’s not the same for everyone. Gosh I hope so.

I find myself pulling away from situations where there are groups. I accept I can never be part. Why can’t I? I’m defeated before I’ve begun.

How do you become confident in yourself? Learn to love who you are?

I’m on a quest to find out. I need to learn self confidence, self belief.

Any suggestions welcome.

2 thoughts on “Believe in yourself.

  1. Sara, I dont know how you learn to accept that some people can be so nasty whilst others genuinely love you. I just know that at the end of the road, there is Jesus.
    Indeed He is by my side all the way along the road too but when things are tough and my heart is aching and my mind so full of the hurtful words of someone who hates me it seems I have to keep going keep trusting and know that all this is sharing His Suffering.

    Sending love and hugs


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