Love is…………

Watching a film last night I heard an amazing quote which I had never heard before.

“Love is like the wind,you cannot see it, but you feel it.” Nicholas Sparks

How true are these words?

So many times when I think about Livvy I crave for one more day, one more smile, one more giggle yet the reality is one more is never enough.

Yet her love is like the wind blowing through my hair, blowing through my heart.

Memories that form pictures in my mind. Smells that transport me back to then. Livvy is
the air that I breathe into my lungs, the blood that flows round my body. In every beat that my heart makes.
Livvy is I and I am she.

When my daughters left my womb they never left my heart.

Livvy may be out of sight but never out of reach of my love.

I am promised forever and I believe in that promise.

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