Think before ……

I want to hide, no that’s not true maybe move to a commune somewhere with like minded people.

I get exhausted by drama, by people who can’t agree to disagree. Those who won’t respect other opinions.

I used to love a good discussion but now it exhausts me.

I read comments on facebook and at times I am really shocked at the venom in some of them. Would they really say thinks like that to your face or do they feel cocooned in the virtual world.

At times the lines got blurred now they are crossed and never redrawn.

It’s scaring me. I wonder if people realise the impact of what they write. Harsh words are bad when you replay them over and over in your head. Seeing them in black and White and reading them over and over Is worse. (my opinion).

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t happening to me, just my observations of a few groups, people on facebook and twitter.

My family tell me I’m naive, the desire to live and let live. Maybe I. am but the loss of Livvy changed me. In a way I was enlightened. I realised what truly mattered in life.

I wish we could realise the power of our words, myself included. Think before we speak or write. Is this argument really worth it. Am I crossing the line. I may not agree but I can respect.

I know my commune idea isn’t valid I do love life’s diversity. But being different doesn’t have to mean bring cruel.

I know I’m going to think twice from now on.

It’s simple really!

“Do unto others as you would have others done unto you” Matthew 7.12

3 thoughts on “Think before ……

  1. When people say things in anger, it can almost be brushed aside, but when it is the written word it is almost a calculated hurt, isn’t it? Even writing a sentence takes a little time and you have to press the send button. There are opportunities before then to stop and realise that there are consequences with bitchy, catty comments. It’s there for all to see; the nuances or tone of voice are not there and it’s very easy to misread.

    You’re right, Sara. While I may falter myself (with spoken harsh words) I do try to speak/communicate with people in a way I’d like to be spoken to. Being respectful doesn’t mean you have to agree …


  2. Pat Yirrell

    Sadly even in a commune of like minded people there would be differences, because we are all sinners even knew one couple who fell out over the way they should pray! I agree withe you about the internet comments, I was posting on a creationist thread and the hatred and the vitriol poured out because I do not believe evolution was staggering. the problem is it is all faceless, you are interacting with a screen and there is anonymity. Can’t say I like it though.


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