Time with my baby

Yesterday was one of those days I am truly grateful for. With one child at contact, two teenagers doing their own thing. I got to spend some quality time with my baby.

Maybe I shouldn’t be calling her my baby anymore, next month she will be in double figures. Something she is ready for but I am certainly not. She is growing up so quick and I really want to slow time down. Regardless of her age Brodie will always be my baby.

It may have only been Sunday lunch out but for me and her daddy it was special.

We got to hear about school, she isn’t to happy there at times as she has such a loving heart and gets upset when people aren’t nice. We are just trying to help her realise that we can not really change others but we can set an incredible example.

She was in giggles over valentines day. Bless her she has a different boyfriend every week but at nine it’s still cute and innocent. She asked me what daddy and I were doing, if we had brought cards etc. I explained that we don’t really celebrate it we tend to focus more on our wedding anniversary. She told us she was going to make her husband do both.

Then we did some stationary shopping. My girlie is just like me for getting excited over pretty pens and notebooks.

It wasn’t an exciting day but for me it was perfect.

I love having a large family but one to one time with each off my kids is so special.

Sometimes the most extraordinary is found in the ordinary.

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